Fiasco Gelato at Bridgeland Market

Wednesday night calls for some excitement. There should be a prize for making it halfway through the work week, right?  

Sam and I went to Fiasco Gelato's Pop-Up Gelateria at Bridgeland Market on Wednesday night. It wasn't exactly a warm evening in Calgary, but since hearing about the Pop-Up at the beginning of the summer I've been itching to go. 

The corner of the market where Fiasco has set up shop draws you in. On the wall behind the cooler of gelato there is colourful hand painted images of gelato showing all of the gelato combinations and prices, a collage of black framed decorative mirrors and a brown paper roll of tear away paper advertising the unique gelato flavours. 

It was so difficult to decide on a flavour since the flavours are so unique and interesting. Everything from Blueberry Basil, Watermelon Mint, Vanilla Bourbon to Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Candied Bacon. It's a good thing that Fiasco offers as many taste tests as you like.

Sam opted for half Watermelon Mint and half Mango Pineapple and I decided on half Birthday Cake and half Zesty Lemon. For a small cup it costs $4.50 and they pack a stack a lot of gelato into that tiny cup. The gelato was incredibly tasty. I have had Fiasco quite a few times before from their Food Truck and at Famoso, and this time it was equally tasty. The Birthday Cake gelato tasted exactly like a white birthday cake, complete with sprinkles. I really enjoyed the Zesty Lemon as well, especially the lemon zest. Sam enjoyed his Watermelon Mint, but said that the Mango Pineapple was his favourite. I had a taste of the Watermelon and found it really refreshing as the sweet balanced with the savoury of the mint. 

The Pop-Up Gelateria will be at Bridgeland Market until October, so make sure you go before they pack it up. Bridgeland Market is located at 1104 1 AVE NE. 

Visit  to check out the other places you can get your hands on their fantastic gelato. 



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