The Italian Farmhouse {Bragg Creek}

A couple weekends ago Sam took me on a surprise date to Italian Farmhouse in Bragg Creek. I had an inkling we were headed that way as we had both heard that Bragg Creek was suffering immensely due to the lack of tourism traffic since the major flood in June. Sam wanted to help. 

The Italian Farmhouse is a mix of wholesome farm taste and Italian flavour. The restaurant was extremely welcoming with it's vintage inspired farmhouse decor, and it's location nestled in the forest made it feel even more comfortable.


IMG_0847 2.JPG

Before our appetizer we were served tomato cream cheese with warm whole wheat bread. It was a creamy and divine way to start our meal.

For our shared appetizer, or condividere e antipasti in Italian, we ordered the Bruschetta that was made with roma tomatoes, garlic, basil and grana padano cheese. The bruschetta was fresh, crisp and extremely tasty and was served with crisp bread. I ordered Gnocchi de Ricotta made with ricotta gnocchi, cherry tomato, sweet pea, asparagus and ricotta salata which is salted, dried ricotta cheese. Sam ordered the Margherita pizza made with fresh tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella cheese, basil and grana padano cheese. The ricotta gnocchi was extremely fresh and bursting with the flavour of the veggies. My only complaint was that the asparagus didn't seem thoroughly cooked. Sam's pizza was incredible. The fior di latte made it my favourite bite of pizza to date. 

The Italian Farmhouse made for a comfy, satisfying lunch. The cost was reasonable and the food was excellent, so the next time you are in Bragg Creek or fancy a quick getaway, head to Bragg Creek and make a stop at the Italian Farmhouse.


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