Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. {Canmore}

Picture this: a crackling fire on a cool autumn evening, the smell of fresh dough baking, and the sound of people laughing and enjoying each other's company. 

That's what you can expect from a meal at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. in downtown Canmore. Sam and I have walked past RMFC so many times on our way to other restaurants in town, but a last minute decision to have supper there turned into a delightful and comforting evening.  

The owners of RMFC pride themselves on using local, organic and sustainable ingredients for their flatbreads, otherwise known as pizza.  They also promise on their website that no GMO, additives or preservatives are used in any of their dishes. Along with those pledges, the chefs at RMFC make all of the desserts, bread, tomato sauce and seasoned veggies on site at each RMFC location. The first location was opened in Canmore and was greeted with such success that two more locations were opened in Vancouver. 

Besides serving up fresh pizza pies, salads, soups and pastas at their three locations, RMFC also sells pizzas at health food stores in Western Canada. 

Back to our meal in Canmore.  We were seated right by the wood-fired pizza oven that was next to the open kitchen. We had a perfect view of the pizza man firing the freshly made pizzas into the oven, and right back out again. We could even see one employee rolling the dough immediately before it was laden with toppings. 

To start, Sam, his parents and I shared a large Fresh Herb Salad that was fresh and crisp. I ordered the Three Cheese Tortellini made with organic freshly-milled flour and chipotle yam sauce. Sam ordered the BBQ Chicken flatbread made with oven roasted BBQ chicken, mozzarella cheese, red onions and asiago cheese on top. Sam's mum ordered the Farmer's Market flatbread and Sam's Dad ordered the Naturally Meaty flatbread. 


The meals were absolutely tasty. Sam and his parents loved the freshness of their flatbreads. The Tortellini was extremely delectable and tasted very homemade. Even though we were all thoroughly stuffed after finishing our entrees, we couldn't resist ordering the Dessert Flatbread that was made with a white chocolate infused flatbread topped with in-house made cheesecake and brownie bites. I watched as it was made in the kitchen and then baked in the wood-fire oven. Served with ice cream, it was delightful. Nice and light tasting. 

I'm surprised that we have never been to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. despite all of our trips to Canmore, but we will definitely be back.


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