Communitea Cafe {Canmore}

After hiking Johnston Canyon on Saturday, Communitea Cafe was the perfect place to warm up. It's inviting environment welcomed us as we wandered in and looked at the tea and coffee paraphernalia. The first thing I noticed about Communitea was the healthy and homemade food on people's tables.

The second thing I noticed was the large quantity of teas to choose from. Communitea Cafe had over 100 teas to choose from. Green tea, rooibos, herbal  tea, fruit tea, black tea... the list goes on. I chose the Tiramisu Rooibos Tea, number 411.

Sam chose a date square and a latte, and being in the hiking mood, I added to my tea by choosing some wheat-free Trail Mix cookies.

As a customer at Communitea Cafe, you order at the counter and are given a number to your table and then the staff members bring your drinks over to you. It's a nice touch as it's sometimes awkward carrying everything to your table.

Everything we ordered was really nice. The tea was warm and sweet, and Sam's latte was perfectly made. The cookies were delicious and Sam loved his date square.

The staff members at Communitea were kind and helpful and added to the atmosphere of the cafe.

Sam and I will definitely be returning to Communitea next time we're in the mountains.


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