Leavitt's Ice Cream Shop {Lics}

If you've ever strolled the Memorial Drive Pathways on a hot summer's evening you will find quite a few companions. If you follow this very popular pathway all the way to Parkdale it happens to go past an ice cream shop called LICS, short for Leavitt's Ice Cream Shop.

My husband and I have ended up at LICS quite a few times this summer. After long, hot, 30 degree days, there are few better ways of ending it than with some ice cream.

LICS has been located at 3410 3 AVE NW for as long as I can remember. I tried to scope out some more information online but LICS' website has been under development for a few months now.

The shop is quite what you might expect from a Calgary legend. It's walls are decorated with vintage pyrex items, old tins and a very antique piano. Its the sort of place that takes you back in time and transports you to a different city; a small town where the locals gather in the evenings for a scoop. It's also open late in the summer which is great.

As far as flavours go, you will most likely find what you are looking for. LICS hosts 34 flavours of ice cream along with a number of flavours of frozen yogurt, sorbet and sugar and lactose free ice cream. The prices are a little on the high side considering that the ice cream LICS serves is not homemade but is brought in from Foothills Creamery and the like.

The service at LICS seems to vary depending on the staff at hand. On one particular visit when we brought my Dad for a treat we waited in line for almost half an hour. Granted it was a long lineup, but there were 4-5 girls behind the counter. When we finally did get to ordering our flavours and sizes, the clerk had to ask 3 times to get our order straight.

On our most recent visit we were served efficiently and quickly, albeit by a different group of staff members.

We ordered Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and cherry frozen yogurt. While the frozen yogurt was very nice, its not made from scratch. LICS' method is very similar to Yogen Fruz's where a machine mixes the stick of yogurt with the frozen fruit. The Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream was great as well, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Overall LICS is a great local place to have some ice cream. I will definitely return and bring guests to LICS but it's lack of originality in the ice cream department makes me crave something a little more special.



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