Red Wagon Diner

Whoever thought up YYCFoodTrucks is a smart person. Although, to be specific I should say, whoever thought up YYCFoodTrucks is a smart guy. James Boettcher, who is also the man behind Fiasco Gelato, created YYCFoodTrucks in 2010 to bring street food to Calgary. I really like the Food Trucks. What an amazing way for people to eat during those summer months filled with festivals and gatherings. You can even book a Food Truck for an event of at least 150 people!

Hearing the buzz about Food Trucks and also Mayor Nenshi's strong approval of them, I really wanted to check them out. Being that my husband Sam has become an avid cyclist, there was no greater way to sample the Food Trucks then to venture down to Eau Claire's MEC Bike Fest. More than half of the eleven Food Trucks were down there today; Fiasco Gelato, Los Compadres MX, the new Naaco Truck, Perogy Boyz, Red Wagon Diner and Steakout Truck.

We wandered through the lot and decided on Red Wagon Diner. The name 'diner' always sounds appealing. This diner offered a variety of Montreal Smoked Meat sandwiches and meals.

Sam decided on the Smoke Meat Hash with Montreal Smoked Meat, hash browns, sauteed mushrooms, onions, banana peppers and cheese. It also came with soft basted eggs and toasted rye bread. (Does that sounds good, or what?) I chose the Traditional which was a reuben sandwich on rye with a side of coleslaw.

All together with two water bottles the total was $22.00. Not a bad deal for fast, fresh, local food.

The meals were delish!  I stole a bite of Sam's hash and it was such a great combo of flavours. The reuben I had was also really really nice. The mustard was amazing, Red Wagon Diner's own creation. The coleslaw was really nice, too. Not your run-of the-mill dripping-in-mayonnaise coleslaw.

If you're in the mood for something new this week, try a Food Truck. Its a great way to feel connected to your city and support some local businesses. You can follow the YYCFoodTrucks on, on their Twitter feed, and on the Calgary Street Food App.


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