Mission Diner

One of the definitions of a diner is as stated; a small, informal and usually inexpensive restaurant. If I had to describe Mission Diner, I would use those exact words, except add the word "busy".

Mission Diner opened up earlier this year after the Nellie's that previously occupied the space closed down. It serves homestyle meals like omelettes, sandwiches, macaroni and cheese and of course, eggs benedict. The coffee they serve is local, Phil and Sebastian's, and the sausages are from Spolumbo's. The restaurant's atmosphere is cozy and very casual; definitely my kind of place.

Today I had my second visit to Mission Diner. The first time my husband and I went was in the evening where we were served the Dinner Menu. We opted for the Breakfast Menu today and it seemed so did most of the other guests around us. Mission Diner has about 11 tables and seats around 34 people, so its not a huge place. I've read a lot of complaints about people having to wait to get a table, but I see that as a good sign. Its always a uneasy eating a place where you are the only ones there.

I ordered the Classic Eggs Benedict and it was very good,

...but not amazing. To be completely honest, I was a litte dissapointed. On my previous visit I ordered the Macaroni and Cheese which I definitely enjoyed more.

The Classic Eggs Benny did TASTE very good, but it wasn't served piping hot. By the time I finished my meal the eggs and hollandaise sauce had gone cold. When served the Macaroni and Cheese, it was still bubbling from being in the oven. Perhaps Mission Diner stlightly buckles under the pressure of a full house on a Saturday. Or maybe different chefs are producing lower quality service.

The servers were wonderful though. Very kind and attentive. I never felt ignored.

Would I recommend Mission Diner? Definitely. The prices are very reasonable; we had two breakfast meals for $21.00. Mission Diner is a very busy place which means other people think its great, too. If you're in the Mission area, check out the diner. Your wallet and stomach will thank you.


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